After you report a relevant issue, Jhatkaa.org will look into it and take it to the concerned authority who can work on it. Our campaigners will coordinate with these bodies to make them aware of your problem and take status updates on the progress.
You can report a safety or inaccessibility based issue that there is not an option for by going to the "Other" section under "Issues" on the map.
We will remain in touch with you to give you updates on this project and might also reach out if we need more information about your reported issue to take it up with authorities.
Your data will not be sent to any third party or authorities. It is safe with us. The only information that will (anonymously) go to authorities is the problem report submitted by you. For more information, you can read Jhatkaa.org's privacy policy.
We receive a lot of spam. Thus, to ensure the map only has relevant issues, we manually approve all reported problems to be displayed on the map. This means that after you submit your issue, we will go through it on the backend and approve it for it to show on the map. If your issue is displayed on the map, it also means we're working to take it to decision makers!
To volunteer, donate or partner visit the relevant sections on our website. We'll get back to you shortly!